Our Staff

Brenda LaCroix - Stewardship Coordinator and Project Manager

Prior to moving to Christina Lake in 1994, Brenda LaCroix worked for the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, at the institute of Ocean Sciences in the Ocean Environment and Fisheries section as office manager. After a brief trip to the boundary area, she fell in love with the area and decided to move here leaving a decade of public service behind her. Once settled here, she worked as a Forestry Technician in the Timber and Road Engineering Division, followed by Boundary Woodlot Technician for the Provincial Ministry of Forests. She finished the Forest Technology diploma program at Selkirk College in 1999 which solidified her belief that environmental stewardship and education are the keys to sustaining the environment for future generations. Since her graduation, Brenda has worked and volunteered as an environmental consultant as well as the Stewardship Coordinator and Project Manager for several environmental projects undertaken by the Christina Lake Stewardship Society. She has been pivotal in developing and delivering programs and projects by writing proposals and obtaining grants and funds, as well as acting as a liaison and developing partnerships with several different groups and organizations. Brenda looks forward to seeing the Christina Lake Management Plan and Implementation Strategy evolve and anticipates positive results. She expects that a key result of the plan will be to foster a viable local economy based on sustainable resource management, local business initiatives and tourism. Community support and involvement is the foundation for this success.

Heather Ling BSc. - Senior Stewardship Assistant

Heather Ling recently graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan where she received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Growing up in the Kootenay-Boundary area, she gained a great appreciation for the natural beauty that is characteristic of the area, and she endeavors to preserve these areas for future generations. She has spent her summers at Christina Lake for the majority of her life, until moving to Kelowna to further her educational aspirations. She has great knowledge of the area including all the plants, animals and places to see around the lake, and she loves to share this information with other people. She is also very passionate about invasive species and preventing their spread following employment with Parks Canada where she did vegetation restoration, as well as looking at stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species with the Christina Lake Stewardship Society. She is not too sure where her path will lead her from here, but she is hoping to do a Master’s project that will help her in her career aspirations. Until that time, she is very thankful to be working in a place where she has forged many great memories, and with an organization as beneficial and influential in the conservation of the lake, as the Christina Lake Stewardship Society.